“Residence 106” – Residential building with retail space

The building is located in the Municipality of Karpos at Str. Metropolitan Theodosius Gologanov No.74A

Retail space on the ground floor:
818 m2
Total built area:
11.669 m2
Basement, ground floor + 7 floors + gallery
Number of Apartments:
Underground parking on two levels
Year of commissioning:
Март 2021

Smart Home for modern and quality living  

The most innovative Smart Home and IP Technology solution in every apartment that includes a Multi-Function Video Control Tablet, Smart Home control and home security control – Smart Security.

Smart Video doorbell for a view into entrance and your visitors, communication via the Tablet and the ability to have complete control and communication through a mobile application from anywhere in the world.

Smart Home lets you control and manage lighting and electricity, water heater, and Cooling / Heating while you’re at and out of the home using a simple user-friendly application. Each member of the home has the ability to manage the devices individually with scenes and timers, as well as the ability to set special modes and restrictions for the little members of the family. This will significantly reduce your energy costs, while also providing more free time for you and your family.

Smart Security allows you to have a carefree and always secure home, whether you are in or out of the home, which it does with smart motion sensors, door and window sensors and provides maximum protection, as well as with a built-in alarm siren in the 98 decibel tablet, which sends to your mobile phone every change of home status.

Your home with you, wherever you are!

Smart Housing concept for greater comfort and security in your new home.

Location of the property