“Manhattan” Business Center

Business Center “Manhattan” is located in Kapishtec (behind the mall Beverly Hills) in the Str. Vasil Giorgov Nr. 20A

Total built area:
7.600 m2
Retail space on the ground floor:
1.000 m2
Office Space:
4.000 m2
Underground parking on two levels:
2.600 m2
Basement, Ground floor + 4 floors
Year of commissioning:

Business Center Manhattan is an A class business project  located in the southeast part of the central business region in Skopje. It has about 7,429 m2 with offices and internal parking. The project consists from five levels above ground and two underground, as well as a supermarket on the ground floor.

Manhattan Business building is located in the same block with the central district “Beverly Hills and Kapistec” in a  dense business area, with a main connection in the street Vasil Gjorgov, which connects afterwards with the central business district in the Mother Teresa Boulevard for a perfect connection with all the basic business locations of the city. Whether by car or by public transport, the bus and train stations are only few minutes away.

The Manhattan Business Center is built with flexible office space allowing closed and open concepts with typical tiles in 935 m2, equipped with high standard equipment and installations,  including two passenger lifts, one platform for top-floor parking vehicles, HVAC technology and standard fire protection and reliability.

Business Manhattan Center is developed from SMS Construction, local company with the main aim in residential and commercial projects.

Location of the property