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You can envision mornings surrounded by lush greenery, enjoying homemade food and all you desire, just steps away from the vibrant new urban rhythm of the city.

Being part of the East Gate Living residential complex is more than purchasing a new home, it’s embracing a vision for a new way of modern living. The complex features extensive green spaces and a diverse array of amenities catering to both the young and the young at heart, complemented by pedestrian-friendly zones. The complex’s parking facilities span two underground levels (level -1 and level -2).

Perfect location for your family

Unique shopping experience at “East Gate Mall”

Located just 5 minutes from the center of the City of Skopje, the residential complex boasts exceptional connectivity. The immediate proximity to Aleksandar Makedonski Boulevard provides direct access to international highways E-75 and E-76 via the M4, effectively circumventing city traffic congestion. Additionally, for those traveling by air, Skopje’s international airport is conveniently located nearby, just a 15-minute drive away.

The construction phases

Phase 1

The construction of the first four buildings in Blocks A and B has been completed. The initial tenants of the residential complex have begun residing in and utilizing the amenities of the complex.

Phase 2

The narrative progresses with the construction of Block C and its two buildings, slated for completion by the first quarter of 2026. In this phase, a total of 388 distinctive apartments will be introduced, comprising one-room, two-room, three-room, and four-room units featuring expansive terraces and verdant surroundings. Each of the two buildings will soar to a height of 13 floors.

Phase 3

The construction of Block D and Block E is planned to start in the fourth quarter of 2025. Four new buildings will be built, completing the residential part of the complex.

Location of the property